betsy confident after procedure
"I Can Eat Properly Again Due To Dental Implants."

Hi. My name is Betty, and I had an All-on-5 with Dr. Banker. My teeth were problematic for a long time. I had some gingivitis, and they seem to get a lot of cavities, and they weren’t minor. They would be where I would have to have root canals. So, I didn’t have very many teeth. The front looked normal, but the back of my, on each side were very, like on one side, I had top teeth and no bottom teeth. And the other side, I had some bottom teeth and no top teeth. So, it was just very uncomfortable, very hard to eat. I was very self-conscious when I smiled because I felt like you could see those vacancies back there, and it was very uncomfortable for me. So, I decided that I do some research. Then, I went to about four different dentists, and they told me what they could do, and they told me how much it would be and everything. And when I came to see Dr. Banker, he answered my questions, whereas they seem to kind of put me off. I asked very, he will tell you, I’m pretty sure that I asked him questions he said he’d never been asked. But I really wanted to know what I was getting into and whether it was going to be the right thing for me.

I was very self-conscious when I smiled because I felt like you could see those vacancies back there, and it was very uncomfortable for me.

Dr. Banker:

When Betty came to see me, she had a wedding that was coming down the pipeline in a not-so-distant future. And she had gotten to a point where she just wasn’t happy with her smile. She didn’t feel like she could chew foods appropriately and she really wanted to go to this wedding and kind of be able to have that confidence that she didn’t have before.


Dr. Banker takes time with you at the beginning and all the way through.

Dr. Banker:

Fortunately, for her, we looked at her x-rays. She had really great bone structure to work with and we were able to remove the remaining failing teeth that she had, placed implants at the same time, and attach a set of teeth on the same day. So, she went instantaneously in one day from where she was to where she wanted to be.


He knows you as a person. I was kind of amazed when Drew called me the other day, and she asked me about a wedding that I was supposed to go to. And I had told Dr. Banker that I wanted to be ready for a wedding in April and I had come to see him in October. She mentioned that to me. So, that meant that Dr. Banker remembered all of that. He really knows you as a person. It’s really important to me to be comfortable with somebody. If I would see him out somewhere, I know that he would be just as comfortable in social to speak with me. It’s very rewarding when you smile and you see that you don’t have to worry about the, about people seeing the vacancies or about eating. I could eat a sandwich again. And before, I had not really been able to eat a sandwich. I was eating a lot of casseroles and soups and things like that because it was just really hard to chew.

Dr. Banker:

She’s a wonderful person. Every time she’s come back to my office since the day of surgery, she’s just been glowing and just singing everyone’s praises and offering to talk to anyone that ever would want to know about this type of treatment because she’s been so happy.

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