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dee ann confident after procedure
"I Got The Smile That I've Always Wanted With An All-On-X."

My name is Dee Ann and I got six implants. The issue I was having, I grew up with buck teeth, and when I became a teenager, I wanted to get braces, but my parents couldn’t afford it, so I went to a dental surgeon, and he pulled my teeth and had to cut the bone up there and it was a very traumatic experience because I could see him doing the procedure in the reflection of his glasses. But he had to cut the bone down in order for my partial to fit.

I had about three other partials and then seen another dentist. He made my teeth where I didn’t have to have a partial with teeth in front. He attached them to my eyepiece, and I wore that for 20 years, but eventually, with me eating on the front, my teeth became weakened, and they cracked, and then the other one cracked and then I knew I had to get dentures or implants. I knew with dentures; I have a gagging reflex and I wouldn’t be able to wear those dentures. And so, I opted for an implant.

I have a gagging reflex and I wouldn't be able to wear those dentures. And so, I opted for an implant.

dr banker with dee ann showing implant model

Dr. Banker:

When Dee came in to see me for the first time, she was in a pretty bad spot. She had been scheduled to have a new partial made with her general dentist and during the process of taking the impression for that partial, two of her remaining three teeth were fractured during the impression taking. She had lost all of her other teeth, much, much earlier in her life and when she came to see me she had really, really lost a lot of bone, and hadn’t really know where to put any dental implants, so her road was a fairly complicated one where we had to recreate a lot of what she had lost.

Dee Ann:

Well, when I went in, and I knew I wasn’t going to have enough bone. As soon as Dr. Banker saw my x-rays, he knew he was going to have to do a few procedures in order to prepare me for my implants.

Dr. Banker:

But in order to be able to place those dental implants, we had to recreate the bone structure in order to support the implants. For her, we had to do large sinus lifts on both sides to gain bone in the back and I actually used custom cadaveric bone grafts in the front where we used CT scanning to custom design a block, have that block milled, and then she underwent a procedure to have that block administered and placed and allowed to heal. And then, ultimately, now she has a full set of upper teeth that are fixed in place that she does not have to remove every night and that doesn’t have any material covering the palate.

Dee Ann:

I just appreciate Dr. Banker for giving me the smile that I’ve always wanted.

Dr. Banker:

To see where she is now where her husband told me that she lit up one day when she realized that she could chew on her back teeth and not just chew on the front as she’d been doing for 60 years almost, that’s a really heartwarming thing to hear. I tell almost every patient that undergoes this sort of treatment that by the time that they’re done, I want them to feel as though they didn’t pay me twice as much to do what they had done knowing how happy they would be, and I think in this case, [inaudible] successful.

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