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linda confident after procedure
Linda - All-On-X
3:35 All-On-X – SHREVEPORT, BOSSIER CITY, AND NATCHITOCHES, LA Linda’s Story “An All-On-X Makes Me Feel Like Myself Again!” My name is Linda and I...
dee ann confident after procedure
Dee Ann - All-On-X
3:37 All-On-X – SHREVEPORT, BOSSIER CITY, AND NATCHITOCHES, LA Dee Ann’s Story “I Got The Smile That I’ve Always Wanted With An All-On-X.” My name...
betsy confident after procedure
Betty - All-On-X
3:48 All-On-X – SHREVEPORT, BOSSIER CITY, AND NATCHITOCHES, LA Betty’s Story “I Can Eat Properly Again Due To Dental Implants.” Hi. My name is Betty,...

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Recovery Sign
Dental Implants – The Recovery
The recovery time following dental implant surgery tends to vary, but is usually based on the amount of teeth being implanted, whether or not a...
Lady Smiling
Orthognathic Surgery
What is orthognathic surgery? Also known as corrective jaw surgery, patients undergo this procedure in order to correct a wide range of major and minor dental...
New Trends In Dental Implants
A trending topic right now seems to be the decision to opt for “mini-dental implants” instead of more traditional ones. Below we are going to...
man thinking about oral cancer'
Oral Cancer Among Men to Increase in 2017
A recent study by the American Cancer Society reports that oral cancer cases in men is expected to increase in 2017 by 4%, while the...
'woman smiling after bone graft'
Autograft vs. Allograft
So, you were recently told by your doctor that you need a bone graft, but you aren’t quite sure what that means. A bone graft is...
man kicking away pain
Tooth Extraction – Managing Pain
The Procedure Itself Thanks to a wide variety of anesthesia choices available to us these days, you should feel no pain during your extraction. After...

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