linda confident after procedure
"An All-On-X Makes Me Feel Like Myself Again!"

My name is Linda and I had an All-On-4 dental implant. I started having issues with my teeth, probably in about my 50s and I had what my dentist liked to call “mom mouth”, which meant, I put myself last when it came to dental work.

I started grinding, and I think that did the most damage to my teeth. It actually caused my teeth had always been straight, it caused my bottom teeth to move, and then my top teeth started breaking. It just wasn’t cosmetically pleasing, and I have had this tooth fixed and then that tooth fixed. It’s kind of along the line.

And by the time I got into my 60s, I just wasn’t happy with my smile anymore. And it made me feel self-conscious, and it made me feel older. And I found that looking at myself in group pictures, I would be smiling with my mouth closed, and that just wasn’t me. So, I had talked to my dentist about correcting the issues in my mouth and we had kind of started a plan, and then I had a stroke. So that’s kind of put everything on the back burner for about two years.

And I found that looking at myself in group pictures, I would be smiling with my mouth closed, and that just wasn't me.

Linda and Dr. Lustig

Dr. Lustig:

When Linda came in, she had seen her dentist and was looking for ways to correct her broken down teeth. She had had some periods of neglect after a health issue, and now was feeling well and ready to take care of herself.


But I thought it was going to be not effective cost-wise. But that turned out not to be so. We worked out a plan that I could afford, and it was definitely the way I wanted to go because it fixed all my problems, and particularly at my age, I don’t have to worry about it.

Dr. Lustig:

When we completed the surgery and placed both of her provisional prostheses, Linda just lit up when she looked in the mirror. She said: ‘This is exactly what I want.”


And the procedure itself was so much easier than I thought it would be. And Doctor Lustig and his staff were just fabulous. They explained everything to me. I’m so happy with the outcome.

Dr. Lustig:

I got that “thank you,” and I got that hug. That let me know, that I had exceeded her expectations.


I was so happy. It looked like me. My confidence level is back.

Dr. Lustig:

Linda tells me that she is now smiling in situations that she hadn’t smiled then in a decade. Her children and her husband had told her that she looks like the old her, the one from 20 or 25 years ago. And that makes a smiling person smile even more.


My son is 35. He said: “Mom, you look like you did when you were 40”, and I said: “Thank you. That’s what I want to hear.” He said, “You look like my 40-year-old mom.” Dr. Lustig was so wonderful, so knowledgeable, and helpful. I’ll always appreciate him, always. And I would recommend him to anyone.

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